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Monday, 19 August 2013

Mediterranean-style mini-Hamburgers w/ Havarti and Brown Rice Couscous

Sometimes it's nice having someone taste-test in advance, and that's what I've done for you by trying out the brown rice couscous available by Lundberg.  I was never a huge couscous fan before going gluten-free, but I always enjoyed eating it occasionally. And, I think this brown rice couscous is a nice alternative side-dish.  We cooked up some mini hamburgers topped with spiced havarti cheese and had fresh veggies on the side for a (definitely not authentic) Mediterranean-inspired meal.  Enjoy!
We added grape tomatoes, but apparently those missed being photographed.

Mediterranean-style mini-Hamburgers w/ Havarti and Brown Rice Couscous
Mini Burgers:
Prep/Cooking time: ~ 15 minutes
You’ll want ~ ¾ lb ground beef to make ~ 8 mini-burger patties. 
Season patties with Salt & Pepper on one side and montreal steak seasoning on the other side.
Cook over medium heat OR on BBQ until done. 
While burgers are hot, top each burger with 1-2 small slices of:
herbed or tomato/basil Havarti cheese
Mediterranean curry flavor brown rice couscous:
Prep/cooking time: ~20 minutes.  15 to cook, 5 to rest.
Follow directions on package.  
So you know what you're looking for at the store.

To serve:
Serve with sliced cucumber, lettuce, tomatoes, sliced or grape tomatoes, and whatever toppings you prefer like ketchup, mustard, hummus, etc. 

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