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Wednesday, 30 October 2013

Chocolate & Vanilla Parfaits (Halloween-style)

I loved the idea of using vanilla pudding layered with chocolate cookies for a fun, easy holiday parfait.  However, most recipes suggest using 'store-bought chocolate cookies' which I didn't want to do.  I came up with a less sweet chocolate chocolate chip cookie to use in combination with my homemade vanilla pudding in order to create a delicious and fun parfait.  You could easily make these in a more classy (black and white parfait instead of our festive green, orange and black version). 
This is a vanilla pudding/chocolate chip cookie parfait, despite the coloring.  And, yes, I plan to create a mint variety of these parfaits, since the green 'Halloween' version just screams to be turned into a lovely mint parfait.

Chocolate & Vanilla Parfaits
Enough to serve 4-8, depending on the size of your cups/parfaits

Make 1 batch of Kristin's Homemade Vanilla Pudding

To color pudding, if desired, separate into bowls and add liquid food coloring, as desired. 
Here, I split the pudding in half and used 3 drops green for the green pudding and 3 drops yellow + 1 drop red for the orange pudding. 
Top with plastic wrap and let fully cool.

Make 1 batch Chocolate Chocolate Chip cookies.  Let cool, crumble and layer carefully in glasses as desired. (Small, narrow juice glasses work really well here)
Our festive Halloween dessert.  It was a hit!



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