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Thursday, 12 February 2015

Caramel-Filled Chocolate Cupcakes

As it's almost Valentine's Day, it seems imperative to post this delicious recipe!   It's really just a compilation of some of my favorite recipes, but put together it creates the most wonderfully decadent cupcake, perfect for a special occasion - like a wedding or Valentine's Day. Enjoy!!!
Cupcakes being pieced together - first filled with a large piece of fresh homemade caramel, then topped with big swirls of chocolate marshmallow fluff frosting, and finished with a drizzle of chocolate ganache and a few sugar pearls. Yum!

Caramel-Filled Chocolate Cupcakes
Makes 36

Make a half batch of Homemade Caramels - aim for 235F to get a nice soft, but not liquidy caramel.  Put in a buttered 8" x 8" pan to cool on a cooling rack.

Make one batch of Julie's Top-Secret Amazing Chocolate Cupcake Recipe.  Cook just a few minutes less than normal so the middles of the cupcakes sink just a bit (I know, I know...  this is one of those rare times you want the middles to sink).  If the middles don't really sink, no big deal! Just cut out a tiny bit of the middle from each cupcake so you have a place to put the caramel.

Once both caramels and cupcakes are cooled, prepare the toppings:

Make up a single batch of Chocolate Ganache (for top drizzle - I used semi-sweet chips here).  Set this in a bowl to cool a bit while you mix together the frosting.

Whip together a double (or triple if you want to be really generous with your frosting - you do have 36 cupcakes) batch of Chocolate Marshmallow Fluff Frosting.  Place your frosting in a piping bag with a large round tip.

To assemble cupcakes:
1. Cut a generous size caramel and place in the center of each cupcake (you may need to cut a little cake out of the middle of each cupcakes if they're not concave in the center enough).
2. Pipe a generous swirl of chocolate frosting on top each cupcake.  Start at the outside edge and swirl inwards - this way you cover all evidence of the delicious caramel hidden inside!   If desired, sprinkle a few sugar pearls on top of each cupcake (do this shortly after you pipe so the frosting is still sticky).
3. Place the ganache in a bag and snip the corner OR place in a piping bag with a small circular tip and drizzle the tops of the cupcakes.

Mmmm.... Delicious!  These were one of the most raved about desserts at my brother's wedding.  

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