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Thursday, 27 August 2015

Healthy and Delicious Chocolate & Banana Milkshake

This milkshake requires a little planning ahead, which is why I'm posting it on a rainy day.  Peel and freeze fresh, not-overripe bananas, breaking into bite-size chunks.  My friend Rebekah from Jersey (yes, the proper Isle of Jersey - a truly gorgeous island between the coast of England and France) introduced me to these chocolate shakes.  They have quickly become a family favorite - and I love that they're a healthy dessert option!  I now keep a ziploc bag with fresh, frozen bananas in my freezer so I can whip this shake up anytime.  I love the fact that it doesn't have any ice cream or added sugar in it - just three simple ingredients.  You could easily make it with dairy-free milk, too. Enjoy!
Healthy and Delicious Chocolate Banana Milkshake
A summer view of a PEI bay, enjoyed while sipping on a fresh chocolate milkshake.  This summer vista has been a welcome change from our 18 feet of snow this past winter, when I was forced to make chocolate donut holes. (The swing-set in this picture was completely buried by snow).

Healthy and Delicious Chocolate & Banana Milkshake
Makes ~3 cups

Measurements are approximate, as it's hard to measure frozen banana chunks.  These general guidelines will give you a fabulous milkshake, but you can tweak things a bit, to taste, and it'll still turn out wonderfully.  The frozen banana is the key!  It'll give you the proper 'milkshake' consistency.

Blend together until thoroughly mixed, frothy and creamy:
1 cup frozen banana pieces (don't use overripe bananas unless you want a sweeter milkshake)
2 Tbsp cocoa powder (more or less, to taste - I tend to lean towards the 'more' side)
~1 cup milk, enough to cover the bananas (lactose-free works great!)

The ingredients will measure to about 2 cups prior to blending and about 3 cups when blended.  You can add a little extra milk if your milkshake is too thick.

It's delicious!  Enjoy! 

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