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Wednesday, 23 December 2015

Homemade Gluten-Free Wedding Reception Ideas and Arrangements

Credit to Ali Sumsion Photography for the great food pictures here!  Thanks to Milli Garrett for the lovely table decorations.

One year ago, I spent a couple of weeks leading up to December 23rd preparing a fun, delicious, gluten-free dessert-themed wedding reception for my brother and sister-in-law.   In honor of their anniversary, I thought I'd post a few extra pictures from that lovely day.  And provide a few tips on ideas and arrangements that could be applied to any party or gathering.   A full list of all the foods, including links to the recipes are in my original wedding reception post.
Gluten-Free Dessert Wedding Reception
Two tables side-by-side filled with delicious gluten-free desserts. 
Gluten-Free Dessert Wedding Reception
Fresh fruit added color to the tables.  The Rocky Mountains were a majestic backdrop for this beautiful wedding reception. 
Gluten-Free Dessert Wedding Reception Pudding Cups
Fresh homemade vanilla pudding with strawberries and mini heart-shaped sugar cookies on top.
Gluten-Free Dessert Wedding Reception Fruit Decoration
So easy, but fresh fruit is a beautiful compliment to a big dessert table.
Gluten-Free Dessert Wedding Reception Cupcake Tiers
Tiered serving trays were a perfect location for GF cupcakes.  They were refilled throughout the night.
Gluten-Free Dessert Wedding Reception Table Flowers
Small flower arrangements added extra oomph to the dessert tables.
Gluten-Free Dessert Wedding Reception Tables
A view of one of the dessert serving areas.  There was space for guests to walk fully around the tables and enjoy the view, too.  Fresh fruit scattered throughout the tables added color as well as taste.
Gluten-Free Dessert Wedding Reception Treats
Beautiful and easy, homemade chocolate angels with edible shimmer dust and homemade peppermint bark were served alongside homemade candied orange peel next to the water pitchers (each water picture was half filled - one with lemon/lime slices and the other with orange slices/cranberries).
Gluten-Free Dessert Wedding Reception Table
The second dessert serving table.  Beautiful table clothes, a decorative flower arrangement, and serving platters at different heights made it look great!
Gluten-Free Dessert Chocolate Wedding Cake
A chocolate gluten-free wedding cake - with different flavored fillings for each layer! Yum!  This was before food-safe fresh flowers were added to the cake (just before guests arrived).
Gluten-Free Dessert Chocolate Wedding Cake
Fresh, food-safe flowers were added just before the start of the reception.  
Gluten-Free Dessert Chocolate Wedding Cake
One happy couple! Proud sister and nephew were looking on. 
Gluten-Free Dessert Chocolate Wedding Cake
Slices of delicious cake served around the top layer of the cake.  Peppermint-filled and raspberry-filled GF wedding cake slices were served at the reception.  I believe that's me in the striped sweater in the mirror reflection.  


  1. Truly a wonderful post on planning successful Wedding Receptions. Personally, I like indoor weddings as they are safe and do not need much decorations. I too had an indoor wedding at local domestic NYC wedding venues and it was fun.

    1. Thank you for your kind note. I am just now seeing it - after recently baking a wedding cake and desserts for my sister-in-law's wedding on cape cod. A new post will be coming soon with those wedding ideas!