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Friday, 3 April 2015

Gluten-Free Jewish Apple Cake - a side by side comparison with the original version!

Thanks to my awesome dad, we have a picture of a side by side comparison of our family favorite Jewish Apple Cake recipe!  It's long been one of our most favorite recipes, and converting it to gluten-free was of utmost importance when some of us in the family could no longer eat the wheat-based version.  My gluten-free recipe can be found here.  But in the meantime, you can enjoy taking a look at the side by side comparison of the gluten-free cake to the non-gluten-free cake.

Gluten-free is on the left!  My dad always does such a great job of perfectly spacing the apples on top, so it really looks finished and fancy.  Great work, dad!  And so fun to see!
Gluten Free Jewish Apple Cake vs Regular Comparison
Gluten-Free Jewish Apple Cake on the left, original wheat recipe on the right. Yum!
*An excellent comment was made that this cake may not be appropriate for all during Passover depending on what grains are being avoided - but feel free to make it after!   

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