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Sunday, 21 April 2013

Delicious Apple-Cinnamon Waffles!

Waffles are one of those breakfast foods you grow up with. I knew how I wanted my gluten-free waffles to taste and spend quite a bit of time experimenting with mixes and other recipes.  Finally, I had to develop my own.  It's nice and light. I love the cinnamon in it. And, I almost always mix in diced apples, which we all love.  I've fed these to visitors, who can't tell their gluten-free.  A recent addition is a bit of flaxseed meal, which I find adds a slightly nutty flavor and is completely hidden when you have the little diced apples in there, too.  I vary with leaving it in, leaving it out depending on my mood. ;)  Regardless, I think you'll find these waffles are fantastic and so easy to whip up!  Do enjoy! 

Kristin's Apple-Cinnamon Gluten-Free Waffles!!!
Makes 18 waffles (...if you consider each square as a waffle. I fill my iron 3x for this mixture)

Peel, core and dice into small pieces:
1-2 apples (Cortland apples are my favorite because they soften up nicely in the waffles, but other types of apples will work well, too. Go for a variety that you’ve used successfully in cooking/baking.)

Mix in a bowl:
½ cup brown rice flour
½ cup white rice flour
½ cup tapioca starch/flour
¾ tsp xanthan gum
1 1/2 - 2 Tbsp baking powder
½ tsp salt
2 Tbsp sugar (white or brown work fine)
1 tsp cinnamon (optional, but I use every time)
1 Tbsp flaxseed meal (optional, but adds a nice nutty flavor and some fiber!)

Mix separately:
1 ¾ cup milk (lactose-free works)
½ cup vegetable oil
2 eggs

Whisk wet ingredients with dry ingredients just until smooth.  Leave to sit 5-10 minutes. (This allows the batter to thicken a bit.  It will seem too runny at first, just let it sit!)

Gently mix in diced apples.

Batter with diced apples, cinnamon & flaxseed meal

Bake in your waffle iron according to instructions.  I tend to cook mine a bit longer to get a nice crunchy outside (my preference).  You can also quickly butter your waffle iron to get an extra crunch on the outside, as well.

This is how much batter I spoon onto my waffle iron.

Here they are finished!

Once the waffles are done, place cooked waffles on a cooling rack.  This is important!  This keeps the waffles nice and crisp.  Also, once they cool, it’s easy to pop them in a Ziploc and freeze them.  Re-heat in your toaster oven for a tasty breakfast!

Waffles cooling on a cooling rack (until they're snatched up and eaten!)

Serving ideas:
Serve plain (especially if you used apples), with syrup, with berries, with whipped cream, or with nutella. Enjoy!
My son enjoying his waffle with nutella.


  1. looks great and what a nice waffle iron! much more efficient than our little one!!

    1. Thanks! I hope they bring the larger waffle iron back because it's the best - the latest models only make 4 waffles at a time.